Options to Immigrate to Canada


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Immigrating to Canada can be anyone’s dream. People might have different reasons why they would want to move and settle in Canada. Some might say they want to see snow, others will say that there are a lot of opportunities in Canada, while some might say that Canada takes care of their residents and citizens: free education for children under 18 years old, good health care plan and benefits, or others.

There are different ways how people can immigrate to Canada. And of course, this is a step that people who seriously want to move to Canada would need to follow.

Family Sponsorship

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Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor his/her spouse, partner or dependent children as long as he/she is at least 18 years old. Other relatives that can be sponsored are parents and grandparents. It is a condition that the person sponsoring another relative is financially stable and shows capacity to support the needs of the other person. There is a certain income guidelines to follow. Unfortunately, a sibling cannot be sponsored unless he/she is orphaned and should be 18 years of age.

Express Entry

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It a system being used to manage applications for Canada Permanent Residence. It is a selection process based on a person’s skills, education, language ability, work experience, age and other factors, wherein the highest ranks are invited to apply for permanent residence to Canada. An applicant can also get additional points for Canadian qualifications (degrees, diplomas, or certificates), job offer from an employer in Canada or from getting a nomination from a province or a territory.

Provincial Nomination

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This refers to the program where a province or territory in Canada nominates immigrants who have the skills, educations and work experience that can contribute to the economy of the province or territory. Also, the applicant should want to live on the province that nominated him or her.

Immigrant Investors

The program allows international investors to become Canadian permanent residents considering that they have the skills and abilities needed to contribute to the Canadian economy and integrate into the society.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

Start-Up Visa

This is a program suitable to immigrant entrepreneurs who show potentials to build a business in Canada which can create jobs for Canadians.


Canada also allows self-employed persons who have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics. This also allows people who have experience managing a farm and intend to buy farms in Canada to become permanent resident.


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Photo Credit: https://thevisa.ca/immigration-blogs/understanding-the-live-in-caregiver-program-in-canada.html

Caregivers who currently live and work in Canada can become permanent residents considering that he or she has provided full-time child care in a home in Canada for at least two years. Nurses, nurse aids and home support workers can also apply if they have been working in Canada for two years already.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

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People who get a job offer from any of the four Atlantic provinces may become permanent residents. Atlantic provinces include Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Islands. Any international graduate from these provinces can also qualify for the said program.

These are just some of the programs available for people who would really intend to pursue their Canadian dreams. Choose one that suits you and this will be your gateway to fulfilling your goals.

Source: http://www.canada.ca

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54 thoughts on “Options to Immigrate to Canada

    1. Hello Sukhijit,

      Thank you very much for raising this question. Job offer of course depends on the employer and not on the system. For me, I was interviewed on the 1st November and received the offer on the 15th November.


    1. AIPP is a program that provides Permanent Residence to applicants. Contract depends on the employer, they could provide 1 year or longer as the requirement for AIPP is a fulltime job for a minimum of 1 year. I know someone who has a bond for 5 years with her employer, otherwise, she would need to pay.


  1. What is the approval percentage when we apply for residency under the AIPP? Because I heard that they will only be alloting 2,000 applications for the four provinces?


    1. I cannot comment on the approval percentage.. However, as long as we present all the documents needed and we comply with the proof of fund requirement and that all the forms are properly filled, I do not see any reason to be denied as the provinces really need people.


    1. Hello Danny,
      Thanks for the question. As per CIC, AIPP application takes an average processing time of 6 months upon receiving the application. AIPP application fee with the right to PR fee is 1040 CAD. Other employers will also require applicants to apply for Work permit which is 150 CAD.


      1. Hi Danny,
        Only Canadians can have Canadian passports.. if you are just starting to apply to move to Canada, you should be using your country-issued passport.
        My next post will be about the things you need to have in order to apply for Canada.


  2. Hello rei,
    How long does it take for you to get endorsement letter brother and how long is it going to get Temporary Work Permit?and how long this whole process is going to take place,what are the documents you have submitted for work permit? Pls dont forget to answer all my questions bro.

    Thanks in advance
    Dr.Kamalla suneel samrat.


    1. Hello,

      I got my endorsement certificate 1 week after it was submitted by the employer to the province. But still, it depends on the officer that handles the application. This could be longer or shorter.

      AIPP work permit should be faster, however, it seems that not all visa officers are very much familiar with this new program. As per CIC timeline, it should be within a month that the WP will come out, however, it could be longer. I am now waiting for 6 months and yet I have not gotten mine, though I knew some who got their WP after a week or 2 after applying. AIPP PR process should be done within 6months and if documents are complete, the applicant should get their PR in this period.


  3. Thank you for the blog,
    I researched on the option for caregivers, I am willing to come for training as a caregiver however the institution which advertised that they train caregivers does not respond to emails nor messages on their page. how do i go about the student visa for the caregiver course?


  4. Hi

    I’m wanda from mauritius.
    This ad very straightforward and helpful. Here people all around get the infos abt canada easily and self explanatory.
    What are the chances get hired.
    It should be somethg like that not fake web site for job posting. GENUINE!!


  5. I am nurse and currently working in Kuwait as Derma nurse how cud i get working visa cud u help me for this process or you knew somwewhere in kuwait connection with you i reallly wanna be there


  6. Hi Rei,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on below.

    I have been on the EEP for over two years now with no progression due to borderline score + dropping down each year as I grow older. When usually looking for opportunities on the web of Canadian based companies/recruiters they specify on the fact that applicants must have the right to work in Canada. Are the states participating in the Atlantic Migration Program waving off this condition for sure on their Vacancy Adverts? Could you also share any other prospective web portals other than Indeed.com?

    Much appreciate your help.


    1. Atlantic Provinces may give opportunities to people out of Canada and those who do not have any rights to work in Canada yet. I am out of Canada and I was given a chance and will be moving to Canada on August.


  7. Hai Rey,
    I am Deep from Nepal.I have done IELTS(L-4.5 R-3.5 W-5 S-5.5) ,ECA(BACHELOR IN HUMANITIES).My ClB level is 4. Right now i am working as an Assistant Hotel Manager in famous hotel of my town. I am eligible for AIPP programme or not and which Province is suitable for me,and how to search designated employer? Please answer my all questions randomly.


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