How to Get a Job Offer in Canada

I have been receiving messages and comments on my page asking how people can get a job in Canada. I am not an employer nor a consultant, but I will try my best to give you proper tips on how to possibly get a job offer in Canada. Below are just some of the things you can do to start securing the job that you have been looking for.

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1. Strengthen your Credentials


Employers always screen the applications they receive base on the experiences and credentials of the applicant. The number of year experience and the education attainment of the applicants are mainly considered. Do not expect to get an interview if you are applying for a job that you do not have or have a very little experience as employers will definitely not waste time interviewing you. Also, it is a must that you can show proof that you are qualified to the job that you are applying as the Canada Visa office also base their decision on this if they will approve you work permit application.

2. Write a Good CV

Always ensure that you give a good first impression to your employer. Whenever you write your CV, it has to be clean, understandable and well prepared. Canada is an English speaking country, so employers will actually look for CVs that are written well in English, free of spelling and grammar mistakes if possible.

3. Learn to Communicate in English and French

When called for interview, it is very important that you could converse yourself well in either English or French. If both, the better. It is also a way of the employer to get to know you more and ask you situations that they think an applicant could answer.

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4. Improve your Communication Skills

It is very important that an applicant is comfortable expressing him/herself. Employers usually look for personalities which they can only see during the interview. Applicants should be able to express ideas that the employer would see as a contributing factor for its success.

5. Visit Internet Job Sites

The internet is a very good source of Canadian employers. If you would want to apply and send your application to a Canadian employer, you should search for them or sign up in web based job sites. You can easily send your application there and the employer can easily review your application and contact you if you qualify for an interview.

6. Hire a reputable consultant if needed

Sometimes consultants have connections to Canadian employers and they could forward their clients CV to them. Not all consultants can help you with that and also you need to be careful with the consultant that you are contacting as there are also some fraudulent agencies that will only steal money from the applicants.

7. Sending CV direct to the Canadian Employer

You may also try to search via internet the website of the company that you want to apply to. Usually, on the company website there is a link there where you can send your application. Or you may find a contact email address where you could possibly send your application directly.

8. Have your IELTS and ECA ready

When sending you application, it would be better if you also have your IELTS and ECA results ready with you. You may send them together with your CV. Remember that if an employer will hire an applicant, they would prefer someone who can join them as soon as possible. So if you already have these documents available, the employer might prefer you over applicants that would need to process these documents once they are hired. Also, the employer will immediately see if the applicant will qualify to the program that they will use in hiring the applicant.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow if you are serious about getting a job in Canada. Remember that you should not depend to others in order for you to get what you want. You need to strive for it and stop bothering others to give you websites or links to send your application as it will just delay your application. We are on a digital age already, and all are readily available online.


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44 thoughts on “How to Get a Job Offer in Canada

  1. I have tried to apply for jobs on indeed as advised, in some areas we are asked to upload a cover letter, resume and application ,what is supposed to be contained in the cover letter?


  2. I Fernando J. Gapasin Jr. Working here in qatar as Cook in Ard Canaan Company…I have a situation if I could still reapply my LMIA will expire on August 2018.I was denied by abu dahbi cic reason for refusal is current employment and financial status..can you give me advice or idea what to do if I should re apply again….


    1. You need to address the reasons why your application is denied. Improve on your statement of account, more funding and savings for at least stable inflow 3-4months,with $10,000 Canadian dollars as net balance. Be on a required job that meets your proposed job in Canada, to prove you have current and relevant experience for the proposed job in Canada. I wish you good luck.


  3. Should our job hunt be limited to the Atlantic provinces alone since they are the ones participating in the AIPP ?


  4. Hi Rei!
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I am in the same boat of looking for a job in the Atlantic Canada and wanted to ask you some questions.
    I have been doing some job hunting for a while but haven’t gotten any response.
    My question is, when you applied for jobs, did you mention in the cover letter that you are outside Canada?
    Did you send Ielts results and WES together with your Resume when applying?
    Wish you best of luck!


    1. hello Mirlinda,

      Yes, I did mention that I am outside Canada. I had my interview via skype. When I applied I mentioned to them that I already have my IELTS and ECA, which I think helped me finding a job.


      1. it is necessary to have a general ilets category as i have academic ilets which will expire on 13th may 2019 and its have overall 6.5, reading and speaking 6.5, listening 7.0 and writing 5.5


  5. Hello, thanks for this information. I want to ask, if I have a Canadian visitor visa, can I travel to the Atlantic province to search for job and come back to my country to apply for work permit, since I can’t apply from inside Canada. Also, if I get to Canada, how do I meet or see these employers, most time , no access to the companies or employers directly, they still ask you to go online/their website to apply, won’t it amount to same thing, applying from home and applying online while on visit in Canada. What do you suggest?


    1. You may use jobsites such as I would not suggest you to apply jobs personally while you are on visit visa as I believe that visit visa is not supposed to be used on that purpose. If you have a visit visa, yes you may visit to any Atlantic province. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know if the employer is designated under AIPP unless you ask them.


  6. I want to know about usefull jobsites I can use to land for a job or either get interview..
    Thank tou so much and godbless


  7. hi rei,can you advise me I don’t have my high school certificate is it still possible to apply for the job in Canada NB
    atlantic province,but I do have 22 yrs work experience in middle east.


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