How I met my Consultant to Canada? The Start of A New Beginning

At first, I never knew about this Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP. I am working in Papua New Guinea while my sister recently moved to Canada and I was looking for a program that could bring me there. The only option I saw is the Express Entry program so I immediately processed my IELTS and ECA. Upon completion of these two requirements, I created my Express Entry profile and my CRS point was 394. After reviewing the previous scores that got the Invitations to apply (ITA), I saw that the lowest was about 420 so obviously I need to find ways to improve my score.Express Entry

If I could get an employer in Canada I will be rewarded additional 50 points that would result my CRS to be at 444 and would give me a high chance of getting an ITA. I had difficulty finding a job so I contacted some consultants and I was advised that I could still improve my IELTS score so I do not need a job offer. My IELTS score was 7.5 in Speaking, 7.0 in Writing, 7.0 in Listening and 8.0 in Reading (CLB 8). I was informed that if I could improve my IELTS to CLB 9 which means to get an 8.0 in Listening and maintain the same score to other components of the exam, I could increase my CRS to 447 as per the CRS calculator which I thought would be easier. So on my vacation to Philippines, I signed up for another IELTS exam and the result that I got was still not enough as I only increased my Listening to 7.5 which made my CRS to 397.


I was again thinking of signing up for another IELTS exam until an ad came to my facebook that there is a need for Restaurant Manager in Canada. I contacted the agency (e-Square Management Consultancy) that advertised the opening and I was invited to attend orientation which I immediately attended to. The orientation was very informative and entertaining. I was given a questionnaire to assess if I would qualify to immigrate to Canada which of course resulted positively. At the end of the session, the attendees were given a chance to ask questions which were answered accordingly. The orientation provided me more information and allowed me to know my other options like Provincial Nomination or Atlantic Immigration. This opened the door for my opportunity to immigrate to Canada.



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15 thoughts on “How I met my Consultant to Canada? The Start of A New Beginning

  1. Still a bit confused about what procedure needs to be followed as I’m a registered nurse and this is one of the regulated professions in Canada, will the processes be same as others? i .e getting job offers without being licensed to work in Canada?


    1. Hello! I am a Filipino Registered Nurse too but currently an LPN here in Canada. It’s still the same process with the post, however, your nursing licensure has a different process from your immigration process.


    2. To be honest, I am not quite sure of the process for regulated jobs such as nurse. I would suggest for you to do your own research in able to become more familiar with the right procedure.


  2. Hello! My IELTS is 5,5 5,5 6 6 . My NOC is 7237 (if I m not mistaken, it’s NOC B). Tell me please can I register on Express Entry? If not, can I register or find a job on Job Bank without Express Entry? Can I participate in Atlantic Immigration Program. Thank you.


  3. hello sir im working here in taiwan more than 3years as a factory worker i want to work and live in canada is there a way i can go there thankyou


  4. Bro would you mind if I asked which agency you went to? and how much did you have to pay. I am in the UAE, in Abu Dhabi. Thanks a lot and all the best.


  5. I am eager to move to Canada, so I drop an email to E-Square Management who’s helping my cousin as well. Hope they can help me even when Im here in UAE.


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