More info about Atlantic Immigration Pilot, my video interview!

Hello there, I wanted to share with you a video interview done with me by a friend who lives in Edmonton. I hope you learn something from it.


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3 thoughts on “More info about Atlantic Immigration Pilot, my video interview!

  1. Hello! My husband also found an employer in NB by passing a lot of CVs in Canadian jobsite portals. He’s now waiting for his Temporary work permit bec.he passed his docs.already at vfs global.I heard from your video that you passed your docs both for TWP and PR at the same time.Was this possible?Bec.we thought one of the requirements in the document checklist for PR is the copy of the working permit. Thank you for your time.


    1. Hello… Yes it is possible. Copy of work permit in Canada is not a requirement for PR application. Maybe you got confused with that in the checklist. It says that if you are currently residing in a country other than your country of citizenship then you have to present your work permit for that country.


  2. Hello..I am looking for a job offer under AIPP but not succeeded yet..please guide I would be grateful as to how to go about .I am from India and working as a bank manager with 21 years of experience..


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