Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: Designated Employers in PEI

Since the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was launched in 2017, a lot of immigrants have already started taking jobs in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Despite AIPP being the newest program to invite immigrants to Canada, it easily became known to a lot of people due to it low qualifications compared to other programs.As time goes by, people become more and more interested to know which employers can hire under this program. With that, they can reduce the time and effort in sending their applications to all possible companies in the Atlantic region. Newfoundland and Labrador is the first among the four Atlantic provinces to release a list of its designated employers. And as time goes by, more info becomes more available to the public. And recently, Prince Edward Island followed.

For all the people who wish to know about these designated employers in PEI, feel free to check this link PEI Designated Employers under AIPP.


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12 thoughts on “Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: Designated Employers in PEI

  1. Hi Rei ,how is everything?
    I have researched and leant that it is not possible to get job offer while living outside Canada under Atlantic immigration pilot program as a nurse because before you can practice nursing in any province in Canada there are some requirements which needs to be met. These requirements can’t be met if one isn’t in Canada. So I want to ask if there is any related job which one can apply for to be able to participate in the program.


      1. Thanks Rei ,studying in Canada , some things should be considered like age and d gap between now and your last graduation,for example am 38 years old and I last graduated from school 2005. This I think may not give me a bright chance to gain an admission to study in Canada. What I want to know is if I can use my credentials in nursing to get probably a caregiver job to first land in Canada so I can pursue other requirements needed to practice nursing in Canada or better to opt for pnp. Please advise


    1. Wow, that is good. There are a lot of opportunities for nurses here in Canada. Though, you might be interested to try some other related professions like Personal Care Attendants and the likes.


  2. Hi Sir Rei,
    I’m currently processing my ielts retake exam since I did not hit the score for express entry and waiting for my IQAS credentials. I would like to know how we’re yiu able to find employer? As I’ve read for me to be able not to have my retake is either I can have employer but how?



  3. Hi Rei,
    I am a master degree holder of English language. I have more than 12years of experience in teaching. Is there a possibility to get a job offer through the Atlantic program?


    1. Hello,

      Oh yes, the chance is very high. Since AIPP was launched in 2017, a lot of employers here in Atlantic Canada registered and became a designated AIPP employer. You may try searching job openings at

      Best of luck!


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