What is AOR and how to make sure that you will get AOR when applying for Canada immigration?

AOR stands for Acknowledgment of Receipt. This means that the application for Permanent Residency in Canada has been successfully inspected for completenessAOR by the designated immigration office handling a person’s application. AOR is a very crucial step of the PR application. This is the initial step to ensure that your application will go through the proper process and without receiving this, an applicant may not feel confident that his application is already starting. Usually, it takes a month or two before the immigration office sends an applicant an email informing them of the AOR. If an applicant does not receive this during this time, there is a possibility that his application is being returned for incompleteness and that needs to be redone and resubmitted. Failure to getting AOR will definitely delay the PR application process.

There are different ways to ensure that you will get an AOR after you apply for Canada PR. I know that people think that filling out so many forms and signing each of them are very exhausting. Not being careful in checking and looking into them closer might cause delay. A single signature that is missed in the application form will cause the application to be returned to the applicant which also will not get you an AOR. During the application process, it is very important to refer to the document checklist closely. This will ensure that the application package is complete as all the required documents are listed here and you may tick them accordingly when you accomplished filling them out. Also, ensure that all forms that need signature are supplied accordingly. In the forms, there are sections which may not be applicable to the applicant, however, this does not mean that the applicant should leave it blank. Instead, writing “Not Applicable” is required to inform that the officer that this section does not apply to the applicant. Leaving it blank will also cause not getting an AOR and getting the application returned to the applicant.

Not getting an AOR might be a very stressful situation to be. Obviously, waiting for something that you are not sure if will come or not, is something we do not want to be. Spend more time checking that your application is complete and properly organized. This might take more mitues or an hour of your time. But this is nothing compared to the length of time that you would spend waiting for an AOR if your application is incomplete. Also, this will definitely cause delay on your PR application. We should not rush things to happen, especially if this is something very important to you.

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4 thoughts on “What is AOR and how to make sure that you will get AOR when applying for Canada immigration?

  1. Hay Rei , I Get My AOR couple of Months ago , September 6th 2018 . I applied for PR could you please tell me how long it will more to get PR. What timing or duration with you . Could you please Share it With me.?
    Thanks and Regards,


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