How do International Students become a Permanent Resident in Canada?

A lot of international students choose to study in Canada. Not just because of the quality of education, but also, there are a lot of colleges and universities that offer programs that are a lot more affordable compared to other colleges and universities worldwide. Canada offers a good range of educational programs that would benefit each international student that would choose to spend their post-secondary education there.

Studying in Canada has a lot of benefits to international students. It allows the students to become independent and live on their own. They build a professional network that could benefit them in the future. Also, due to the diversity of people in Canada, each student learn and become open to different new things in their lives.

When an international student chooses to study in Canada, they have a very high chance of becoming a permanent resident and take advantage of the wide opportunities in Canada, and eventually they could apply and become a Canadian citizen. All international post-secondary students enrolled in a Designated Learning Institute in Canada are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours during the semester, and they could do a full-time job of 40 hours a week during semester breaks [IRPR 186(v)(iii)]. Also, once they completed their programs, they would qualify for a post-grad work permit which would allow them to work in any company in Canada. The duration of a post grad work permit depends on the duration of the program of their study. For example, a program that lasts for 8 months can get an international graduate a post-grad work permit for 8 months. A graduate of a one year program can get a year of post-grad work permit, while a graduate of a 2 year program can get a 3-year post grad work permit. These post-grad work permit will allow the international students to gain enough experience in order to qualify for different immigration programs like Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nomination Program, Express Entry, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program and others.

In addition to this, an international student can bring his/her spouse under an open-work permit which would allow the spouse to work full-time in any company in Canada.

There are no age limit for people who would like to study in Canada. As long as you qualify with the language requirement, completed a secondary education, enough proof of funding and not inadmissible to come to Canada.

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