What is AOR and how to make sure that you will get AOR when applying for Canada immigration?

AOR stands for Acknowledgment of Receipt. This means that the application for Permanent Residency in Canada has been successfully inspected for completeness by the designated immigration office handling a person’s application. AOR is a very crucial step of the PR application. This is the initial step to ensure that your application will go through the […]

My job offer in Canada, my timeline!

As I said from my previous post, my agent/consultant helped me get a job offer in Canada. They submitted my CV to the employer and the process became so quick. I remember that initially they sent me a template of CV so I can align mine to that format. I forwarded my CV to my […]

How I met my Consultant to Canada? The Start of A New Beginning

At first, I never knew about this Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP. I am working in Papua New Guinea while my sister recently moved to Canada and I was looking for a program that could bring me there. The only option I saw is the Express Entry program so I immediately processed my IELTS […]