My job offer in Canada, my timeline!

As I said from my previous post, my agent/consultant helped me get a job offer in Canada. They submitted my CV to the employer and the process became so quick. I remember that initially they sent me a template of CV so I can align mine to that format. I forwarded my CV to myContinue reading “My job offer in Canada, my timeline!”

How I met my Consultant to Canada? The Start of A New Beginning

At first, I never knew about this Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or AIPP. I am working in Papua New Guinea while my sister recently moved to Canada and I was looking for a program that could bring me there. The only option I saw is the Express Entry program so I immediately processed my IELTSContinue reading “How I met my Consultant to Canada? The Start of A New Beginning”

How to Get a Job Offer in Canada

I have been receiving messages and comments on my page asking how people can get a job in Canada. I am not an employer nor a consultant, but I will try my best to give you proper tips on how to possibly get a job offer in Canada. Below are just some of the thingsContinue reading “How to Get a Job Offer in Canada”

Options to Immigrate to Canada

Photo Credit:¬† Immigrating to Canada can be anyone’s dream. People might have different reasons why they would want to move and settle in Canada. Some might say they want to see snow, others will say that there are a lot of opportunities in Canada, while some might say that Canada takes care of their residentsContinue reading “Options to Immigrate to Canada”

OFW Diary: From Waiter in Dubai to Manager in Canada

Job Hunting My journey as an OFW started way back in 2007. I just graduated from UP that time, and to be honest, I had a lot of difficulty finding a job in the Philippines. I was turned down several times by most employers (specifically five star hotels) as they were looking for people withContinue reading “OFW Diary: From Waiter in Dubai to Manager in Canada”